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Edited Feb 18, 2017, 12:17
Re: F Y I
Feb 18, 2017, 12:09
SinisterBuns said:
"The dude had a lotta heart and compassion, though. He is not a malicious person, honest! Unlike ol' dhajie above, I reckon editing out yer angry posts later on and apologising isn't cowardly but sweet."

what a load of shit{from you} as usual.
Please, please !!! show us, your adoring audience even a few examples, among-st the literally hundreds of Markoid's 'Edited' or outright deleted posts where he amended his insane{and personal} lashing out's to an apology.
It's a real pattern with you to always take the side of the most angry among-st the mob...,{and to 'guise' it up as 'empathy'}
and then to post the most lengthy and flowery claptrap about buying the world a coke and living in perfect harmony...
Do yourself a favor and the world a service...get off your ass and actually vote, instead of just telling everyone else how you think they should.
Your post's are in general to me, from a very phony point of view.
I also think, based on much logical deduction, that the majority of your life's basic needs have been payed for by the society around you...and through systematic and manipulative sponging. I'm quite sure too,that you have completely rationalized living that way...more power to you.
Try to spend a bit more of your idyllic Walt Whitman life turning a hand to improving your world around you.
Be a contribution rather than another handout.
Also, please stop mentioning my name in your phony {agenda driven} and inaccurate posts...i will do my best to steer clear of any of your posts if you can do that.

edit: edited # from thousands to hundreds....i was thinking of Lawrence's sheer volume of posts which you so gallantly defended...apparently the Moderators of this site saw fit to disagree with you Sinny...

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