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Sin Agog
Sin Agog
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Re: F Y I
Feb 18, 2017, 06:06
Wrote a big ol' FBI profile on Markoid with that last post, but then edited it to what it is as I realised how odd it was scattin' so much about some online figure who can't respond. So I'll do it again anyway. Gist of it was I suspect he had a brand new condition called E-sperger's, where you're so used to reading body language and the like in person that you're always on a different page to whoever you're chatting to online. Can't read the tells when you've got just a wall of text to go on. Also think he may have had yer usual autodidact side-effects, like when an answer doesn't originate from yours truly, it ain't worth hearing. THAT I can totally and utterly relate to, having not gone through the usual education channels myself, but I'm tryin' real hard, Ringo! The dude had a lotta heart and compassion, though. He is not a malicious person, honest! Unlike ol' dhajie above, I reckon editing out yer angry posts later on and apologising isn't cowardly but sweet. Seems only fitting that his coup de grace was a result of a total misinterpretation. Pretty sure he and that Modern Antiquarian chap were very much at cross-purposes, reading each other's posts with completely the wrong inflection. Markoid saw a guy having a conversation with his buds and morphed it into aspersions directed personally at him, and t'other bloke read Markoid's glib Scots patter in a bone-dry queen's English voice, turning 'em into embittered diatribes. This is why emoticons exist! And so you can sign off your emails with wee little pictures of Strawberry Sundaes, Dog Doo and Kitties Giving Each Other a High Five.

Not sure forums are always all that healthy. They have that facebook thang afoot where you rely on that serotonin fix of being noticed, being replied to, several times a day. Shirley that can't be great for a strugglin' ego trying to make a living. Markoid may be in a better place now, punctuating his neighbourly conversations with a boom-box loaded full've early '90s alt-rock cassettes in lieu of youtube links.

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