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Moon Cat
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Re: F Y I
Feb 18, 2017, 00:35
spencer wrote:
Markoid has been fucked off from the TMA Forum by it's Ed for calling someone there a cunt... I believe that some others may roundly agree with that succinct assessment. I hope that he's not now barred here too, and that you motherfuckers agree and hope so too. Takes a lot to be a mental health professional, and bound to take its toll if you keep empathising like a good one should. In my opinion. Just saying.

My mum was a mental health professional for decades. Oddly enough, she didn't feel the urge to routinely lash out at people like a belligerent pub gobshite. Been in that line myself as it happens. Maybe it might actually be something to do with the person themselves?

Markoid been thoroughly abusive to people I know, respect and like on here. I am happy to engage and chat to him on a good day. But, he can be an unnecessarily bullish tool when there's no need for it, and he's put me right off being here more than once.
Just sayin'.

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