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Re: F Y I
Feb 16, 2017, 02:37
spencer wrote:
Markoid has been fucked off from the TMA Forum by it's Ed for calling someone there a cunt... I believe that some others may roundly agree with that succinct assessment. I hope that he's not now barred here too, and that you motherfuckers agree and hope so too. Takes a lot to be a mental health professional, and bound to take its toll if you keep empathising like a good one should. In my opinion. Just saying.

I won't miss him and everyone of his cowardly 'EDITED' posts....
I guess that makes me a "MotherFucker".....
I have personally spent Decades in and around hospitals at the University level as a Field service engineer/service organization provider;servicing x-ray systems, MRI/CT scanners/Linear Accelerators/C-arms/Digital Imaging systems/Et-fucking-cetera.....answering to Dept. Heads,Medical directors,Doctors,Management,Nursing staff,clinical techs/therapists,physicists,and financial officers.....
I reckon that the closest that 'Markoid' ever got to being a 'Mental Health' professional was as an orderly or a patient.
How that was not patently obvious to anyone on this site at least half a decade ago is just stunning to me.
You Brits must have extremely low expectations from your health service providers.

Hey Markoid !
Buh bye.

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