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Donald Trumps Speech
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Moon Cat
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Re: Donald Trumps Speech
Jan 21, 2017, 20:10
It was just the same old shit he churned out on the campaign trail in slightly less word puke mode, less overt "me me me" (he was back on that at the function later) and more Nationalism rather than direct racism. For someone with all the "best words", he doesn't use many of them. He just regurgitates the "Make America Great Again" stuff and the "fihgting for you shit".
Yes, I like to display my non-elitist credentials by flying on my jet with my name on the side to my gold elevator to take me to my penthouse in my Tower with my name on the top. Such an egalitarian. And, so far, he has stuffed his cabinet with more billionaires than any other before. Yes, really relating to forgotten America there.

The Nationalistic jingo shit, with the raised fist was truly scary, and Godwin's law can get fucked - it really wouldn't have seemed out of place in 1930's Berlin in terms of tone and repetitive ranting.

Incidentally, he looked piss bored at the multi-faith service he attended today with VP Mike "Burn the Gays!" Pence. Donald likes the parades and rallies with an ego fuelling crowd. Perhaps not so keen on the admin shit?

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