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Greetings all!!!
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Paul Higgins
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Greetings all!!!
Jan 05, 2017, 18:40
Hi there! I was a big Julian Cope fan during the eighties/early nineties, got into the dance music thang (acid house), fell out-of-love with rock music, moved to another country for 12 years (Thailand) and have recently moved back to England and have started to get back into some of my favourite artists again I perhaps drifted away from during some of their mid-period albums (I'm also guilty of this with people like Nick Cave, PJ Harvey, The Fall etc...) and attend their concerts again (seeing Copey and The Fall next month). I never drifted away from Primal Scream though and have enjoyed being a member on the Webadelica forum for quite some time. Unfortunately that forum is dead as a dodo these days (nobody posts anything anymore) and my patience has been tested by the band in recent times (awful, awful attempt at a pop single with Sky Ferreira, not-so-great latest album & yawnathon, predictable setlists pleasing the casual-nostalgia-hungry fan only). So I've jumped ship and am hoping to find a new music-discussion-forum home here. I hope I am welcome! Nice to meet you all! Hope you like the 2016 compilations I posted on here.
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